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Washer and Dryer Repair in Calgary

When your washer or dryer spins its last cycle, you need a Calgary home appliance repair contractor that you can trust. Our team of skilled appliance repair technicians has undertaken specialist training to provide quality repairs for a range of washing machines and dryers from leading brands.

Washing Machine Repair

A broken washing machine is no fun, and the resulting build-up from dirty washing is even worse. When it comes to getting your appliance repaired, only opt for the most responsive washing machine repair service in Calgary.
At SMS Appliances, we offer same-day service, so you can have your washing machine repaired with minimal hassle and disruption to your schedule.

washing machine reparing
Common Problems

Washing Machine Problems

The most common problem for a washing machine is noticing unusual noises coming out of the washer. Strange sounds from a washing machine can include squealing, screeching, banging, and rumbling. If your washing machine is making a strange sound, you should give SMS Appliances a call.

We can uncover the source of the strange sound and determine whether we need to repair or replace a moving part in the washing machine.

Often the origin of the sound comes from a worn-down pump motor, a worn-out belt, or bearings. We also offer small appliance repair services in Calgary for issues with your dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and much more. Whatever the issue, our capable team of technicians is ready and waiting for your call.

If your washer does not agitate, check and see if the washer is plugged in or if the breaker is flipped off. Sometimes washing machines won’t agitate because the splines are stripped off or a coupler has worn out over time.

Splines connect the agitator to the drive shaft and the Coupler is used to connect the motor to the transmission. If the washer basket spins fine in one direction but won’t spin in the other direction, you may need to replace the motor. Transmission or clutch issues are generally complex problems; Please seek professional assistance as there are crank gears with connecting rods that cause the basket to agitate and this may often go unnoticed under an inexperienced eye.

Numerous things can prevent your washer from spinning correctly. Sometimes it can be an easy fix, and sometimes it can be more complicated. The washing basket may not spin correctly due to completing many loads over time, which can lead to the washing machine becoming unbalanced. This can also occur if clothes were not evenly distributed within the basket.

For the complicated fixes, you would have to open the cabinet to troubleshoot the problem correctly. For example, the lid switch is located inside the cabinet, and it is designed as a safety precaution feature to prevent your hands from entering the washer basket while it’s spinning.

A humming sound in a washer is a sign that the washer is full of water, which often means that the drain pump is lodged. The washing machine will not spin if the belt is damaged or broken. If the belt is broken, be sure to check that the pulley has not seized, as it can cause the belt to break. If you have replaced the belt but have not fixed the pulley, you might face the same recurring problem again.

Washing machine overflowing problems are often caused by a malfunctioning water-level pressure switch, water inlet valve, or the machine’s air dome tube. The water pressure switch sends a signal to shut off power to the water inlet valve when it has reached an adequate water level. If the pressure switch fails, the water inlet valve will continue to fill the washer tub with water, causing the washer to overflow.

Before replacing the pressure switch, check the air tube to the pressure switch to ensure that it is clear of debris/dirt and is not leaking. The washing machine will overflow if the inlet valve is defective. A defective inlet valve occurs if the washing machine is unplugged, but the washer continues to fill up with water without getting power.

If your washing machine won’t produce hot or cold water, it is most likely the result of broken temperature control or an issue with the inlet hose. SMS Appliances will replace the broken temperature control or inlet hose.

Dryer Repair

Has your dryer stopped working, or isn’t working like it used to? Call SMS Appliances for trusted dryer repair services in Calgary. We take pride in delivering exceptional results for our customers and are committed to resolving even the most challenging problems with your dryer. If you are suffering from a broken dryer, no need to go out and buy a new dryer straight away – call SMS Appliances for dryer repair that will breathe life back into your old machine.

Dryer Problems

Strange noises coming out of the drying machine is a prevalent issue for homeowners. Broken seals, bearings, or worn-down belts can lead to loud sounds. Drum bearing or drum supporting bearing do wear out or get damaged over time.

Drum bearings that are frayed or damaged can be diagnosed by removing the dryer belt and turning the drum by hand. If it rotates freely, then the bearing is not frayed. However, if the drum squeaks, makes grinding sounds, or is hard to turn, you should replace the bearing to avoid further damage.

The drive belt wraps around the dryer drum, as well as the tension pulley and the drive motor. The drive belt can be worn out or get damaged over time, which causes noise as the dryer is turning. If the drive belt is worn out or damaged, replace it.

If your drying machine doesn’t produce any heat, this is often caused by a broken heating element, high heating thermostat, or cycling thermostat. This can also cause the dryer to overheat. A thermostat is a device made to prevent a dryer from overheating, and it should be closed for continuity (electric current passing through). 

If it gets overheated, the thermostat will have no continuity, and often, a multimeter will have to be used to test for continuity. A blown thermostat is an indication of a restricted exhaust vent from the dryer to the outside.


Always check the dryer venting when replacing a blown thermal fuse. The heating element warms the air before entering the dryer drum. The heating element can burn out over time, causing the dryer not to heat. 

In order to determine whether the heating element has burned-out, a multimeter must be used to test for continuity. Once it has been determined that there is no continuity, it is wise to  replace the heating element.


Make sure the dryer has been plugged in and the circuit breaker is on. If the dryer won’t turn on, even after it has been plugged in and the circuit breaker is on, check the high-limit thermostat and the heating element. Please refer to the question above on how you can tackle these problems.

If the drying machine won’t shut off, the issue is usually a broken door switch or a timer. The timer can be tested using a multimeter and checking the wiring diagram. If a timer is defective, you should replace it immediately. 


The door switch is an on and off mechanism that prevents the dryer from operating when the door is open. The door switch is at fault when you press the door switch lever, and the dryer door is closed, but the drum dryer light remains on.

To complete the drying cycle, a dryer timer needs to advance. However, if the timer won’t advance, this can be due to a broken timer motor or cycling thermostat. Please refer above for an explanation of the cycling thermostat and the broken timer.


Why Choose SMS Appliances?

When it comes to fridge, dishwasher, or stove repairs in Calgary, we’ve become a household name to trust. 

We’re all about creating exceptional customer service experiences and fixing your appliance issues as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your home.

When it comes to serving Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg’s home appliances, you can trust SMS Appliance technicians to get the job done. 

Reach out to us today for a quote on your appliance repair. 



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