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Open Box Appliances In Calgary

SMS Appliances offers you open box appliances at the best price in Calgary. 

What are open box appliances?

Open box appliances are appliances that are as new, either returned by the customer without being used or opened for other reasons so they may not be in the original packaging. However, open box appliances do not include products that weren’t working and had to be fixed: they are all still brand-new.

These appliances are either in perfect aesthetic condition or have minor scratches and dents. However, each undergoes a detailed inspection to ensure there are no damages, faults, or missing parts and accessories.

You may find small cosmetic dings or marks on the sides or backs of open box appliances at Best Buy Canada, but these will likely not be visible once it’s installed. Cosmetic imperfections are never on the front of the appliance. The most important thing to note is that they have not been used and still come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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