Universal Smart Choice Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner 6 Pack 10SCPROD02



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Run probiotic without dishes, utensils or dish detergent. Probiotic continues to work inside your dishwasher as you run normal cleaning cycles. Cleaning results improve over time as the probiotic continues to remove food buildup, scum and grease. Apply once a month. `


Removes dishwasher odors caused by residue
Washes away food buildup, scum, and grease
Safe for dishwasher and septicSafe for dishwasher and septic – no bleach or boric acid
Works on all brands of dishwasher
Product Weight1.8 lbs
Retail Packaging Height6 7/20"
Retail Packaging Width4 1/8"
Retail Packaging Depth2 1/2"
Country of OriginUSA


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