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Refurbished Appliances In Saskatoon

SMS Appliances sales refurbished appliances at the best price and affordable prices in Saskatoon. 

Save Money – Buy Refurbished Appliances In Saskatoon

Buying used appliances is more popular than ever, especially considering the increasing costs of buying new.  But if you buy from a newspaper or online ad you really don’t know what you’re getting… or from whom.  What’s it’s condition?  Was it properly maintained?  Is there something they’re not telling you about… like why they’re selling it?

We sell used appliances refurbished to like-new in Saskatoon.  Each is thoroughly inspected then repaired and reconditioned as needed.  When you buy from SMS Appliances you’re getting true value — quality you can count on at prices that are a fraction of the cost for a brand-new retail purchase.  And by buying used appliances you can step up to top-of-the-line appliances that you otherwise could not afford, while still saving money.

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Do You Need Refurbished Appliances In Saskatoon?

Why Choose SMS Appliances "Refurbished Appliances In Saskatoon"

Upgrade your home with quality and affordability – explore our selection of Refurbished Appliances in Calgary at SMS Appliances. Our carefully refurbished appliances blend cost-effectiveness with performance, allowing you to enjoy modern convenience without breaking the bank. Each item undergoes a meticulous refurbishment process, ensuring reliability and functionality. Trust SMS Appliances to bring value to your home while contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. Discover the perfect balance of quality and savings with our range of refurbished appliances designed to elevate your living space in Saskatoon.

Explore Exceptional Value with Refurbished Appliances in Saskatoon at SMS Appliances - Affordable, High-Quality Home Solutions
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What Our Clients Says About Refurbished Appliances In Saskatoon

SMS Appliances in Saskatoon is a hidden gem! I recently purchased a refurbished appliance, and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and savings. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, making the entire shopping experience delightful. I highly recommend SMS Appliances for anyone in Saskatoon looking for reliable home solutions!


Outstanding service and exceptional value at SMS Appliances in Saskatoon! I found the perfect refurbished appliance for my home, and the cost savings were remarkable. The staff was incredibly helpful, guiding me through the options and ensuring I made the right choice. A top-notch experience from start to finish!

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